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ZXZ Closed Counter-flow, Induced-draft Cooling Tower



Foshan Juaote Warm Ventilation Technology Co., Ltd.

Nanshui Road, District A of Hegui Industry Park,

Lishui Town, Nanhai Area, Foshan,

Guangdong, China 528300

TEL: 86 757-85618868

FAX: 86 757-85651966

URL: http://www.jeaote.com

MAIL: juaote@163.com


Product Characteristics

* Totally enclosed circulation cooling, completely eradicate pipe blockage by sundries;

* Adopting soft water circulation cooling, thus no scale forming to damage the evacuated tube, controlled silicon, IGTB power, water cooling reactor, or inductance coil;

* No need to dig pool; covering small area, and easy to change location;

* Automatic digital display temperature controlling, energy conservation, simplicity of operation;

* With consistent closed water cooling pattern with towers from European and American developed countries


Range of Application

* Induction heating complete equipments, diathermanous equipments;

* High and medium frequency power, IGTB quenching complete equipments;

* Die casting machine, injection molding machine;

* Rectifying installation, resistance welding machine;

* Single crystal furnace, continuous casting crystallizer, glass furnace;

* Food, chemicals, air compressors, central air-conditioning system


Product Line Introduction:

* ZXZ Cooling Tower Line - Design Information

* ZXZ Cooling Tower Line - Thermal Selection Data for Standard Models


PDF Files:


1 ZXZ Cooling Tower Line - Design Information.pdf


2 ZXZ Cooling Tower Line - Thermal Selection Data for Standard Models.pdf



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